Zanzibar Books

We often get asked which books we would recommend. In association with and , we are happy to suggest a hand-picked selection of travel guides, reference books, travelogues and music. All titles relate to Zanzibar, Tanzania, East Africa, or Africa as a whole. Please click on the relevant title/s for more details and ordering information.

Collins Pocket Guide: Coral Reef Fishes (Collins Pocket Guides)
Robert Myers, Ewald Lieske (Illustrator)

Over 2,100 species are illustrated in all their major forms: male, female, immature or geographical varieties. The test covers the important identification points, where the species is likely to be found on a reef and where it is found in the world, with an introduction to the habitat and how to identify fish in the wild. Important identification characteristics are also highlighted on every plate. This is the first book that enables divers and snorkellers to identify the inhabitants of coral reefs – wherever they are in the world.

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Lonely Planet: Guide to Watching Fishes: Understanding Coral Reef Fish Behaviour (Pisces Books)
Roberta Wilson, James Q. Wilson

Focusing on key behavioural aspects of reproduction, territoriality, swimming and eating habits, this text provides insights into the lives of dozens of common fish species which inhabit the unique ecosystem of the coral reef. The authors also address the misconceptions surrounding sharks.

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Coral Reef Fishes: Indo-Pacific and Caribbean (Princeton Pocket Guides)
Ewald Lieske, Robert Myers

An excellent and handy reference source and would be an asset to any diver’s library. Expanded and updated to include an additional 44 species, this is a handy guide to those fishes that are likely to be observed by anybody visiting or diving on the coral reefs of the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific to a depth of sixty meters. Accessible to amateur marine life enthusiast.

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Dive Sites of Kenya and Tanzania; Including Pemba, Zanzibar and Mafia
Anton Koornhof

The definitive guide to diving in Kenya and Tanzania, with a great section on Zanzibar. Individual sites are star-rated, and cover location & access, conditions, depth and marine life. Regional directories include information on dive facilities, where to stay and eat, emergency contacts and other recreational facilities.

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The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals
Richard D. Estes

This field guide is beautifully illustrated, and an essential tool for those wanting to take full advantage of their African safari experience. The book describes in detail the social behaviors of the large African mammals, including aggressive and defensive postures, mating habits, child rearing techniques, and territory marking habits. It is considered by those ‘in the know’ to be the best book of its type currently available.

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Lonely Planet: Swahili Phrasebook
Martin Benjamin, et al

Including a two-way dictionary, with grammar and pronunciation sections, this guide features a key language section for various situations, from buying food in markets to trekking in the countryside, conversation topics such as sport, current issues, and romance.

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