Zanzibar Books

Kevin Patience has written a number of fascinating books on Zanzibar’s history. A small selection is shown below and a guest article by Kevin entitled Konigsberg: A German East African Raider can be fond here.

Kevin Patience Series
Zanzibar: Slavery and the Royal Navy
Kavin Patience

| A5, soft cover, 108 pp, illus. and maps, b/w.

For over forty years during the latter half of the 19th century, the British Royal Navy was engaged in the suppression of the slave trade along the East African coast. Based at Zanzibar, the ships and men had the difficult task of controlling the flow of human misery that passed through Zanzibar, and later Pemba, en route to Arabia and the Indian sub-continent. With the colonisation of East African in the late 1880’s, the Royal Navy took on the task of policing the mainland and mounted a number of punitive expeditions along the coast to enforce law and order. The culmination of these was the bombardment of the Sultan’s palace at Zanzibar on 27 August 1886. On instructions from the Foreign Office in London, the Royal Navy fired on the palace in order to evict the pretender and reinstate the rightful ruler. In a forty-five minute bombardment, the palace was destroyed and the usurper fled; the entire incident has since become known as ‘The Shortest War in History’ and is sometimes referred to as ‘The Bombardment’. This publication sets out to redress the often overlooked role the Royal Navy played at that time in this part of Africa. UK: £7 incl P&P; Rest of the World: USD15

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KONIGSBERG – A German East African Raider
Kevin Patience

| 17 x 24 cm, hardback, 216 pp, 285 illus., 4 maps,

In the summer of 1914 the sleek modern well armed cruiser Konigsberg arrived in Dar es Salaam, capital of German East Africa. Its arrival had a profound effect on the balance of sea power in East Africa since the Royal Navy could only boast of three twenty year old veterans past their sell by date. On the outbreak of the First World War Konigsberg became a raider sinking two British vessels, the freighter City of Winchester off the coast of Oman and the cruiser H.M.S. Pegasus at Zanzibar. Forced to seek shelter in the Rufiji River Delta for repairs the Konigsberg was blockaded for nine months before being destroyed by river gunboats and aircraft in the first operation of its kind in July 1915. The book tells the complete story from its building in 1905 to the relics that remain today. UK: £17 incl P&P; Rest of the World: £21 or USD34.

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Zanzibar and The Bububu Railway
Kevin Patience

| A5, soft cover, 56pp, 64 illus., 4 maps, b/w

The first steam locomotive introduced into East Africa was a tiny 0-4-0 tank engine ordered in 1881 for the Sultan’s 2 foot gauge private railway from Zanzibar town to his summer Palace at Chukwani. On his death the railway was dismantled and the roads improved. Fifteen years later the American Company Arnold Cheyney built a seven mile line from Zanzibar town to the village of Bububu. It was notorious for its ability to set fire to property and the surrounding country side but it ran for twenty-five years until closed in 1930. This book tells the story of these two lines and the mule trams that ran in conjunction with the steam trains. UK: £7 incl P&P; Rest of the World: USD15.

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