Tanzania captures the very essence of the African continent, and distils it into one country, an African Eden of natural riches and cultural wealth. Our country has inspired Hemingway and Livingstone, proudly given the word ‘safari’ to the global travel vocabulary and provided documentaries and Hollywood with their perfect vision of an unexplored continent.


Tanzania is a land of superlatives, home to Africa’s highest mountain, deepest lake, and largest inland body of water as well as its largest game reserve, most famous National Park and most abundant movement of wildlife. Our borders are custodian to snow-capped peaks, fertile coral reefs, primate-rich virgin rainforest and rolling African savannah, that are protected by a progressive environmental and conservation policy that is embedded in the country’s constitution.

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Tanzania is home to a patterned cultural mosaic of over 120 distinct ethnic groups, united in peaceful coexistence under one country and one language. There is no history of civil unrest, ethnic tension, political dictatorship or religious intolerance. Tanzania was home to Man’s first steps on Earth, our national history subsequently defined by pre-historic settlements, mediaeval city-states, colonial exploration and peaceful independence.


Tanzania is the authentic Africa, a destination of impressive natural, cultural and historical wealth, a land of names such Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and Ngorongoro, and we are proud to welcome our guests with the warm ‘Karibu’ of a friendly people.

For more information about Tanzania, consult, website of the Tanzania Travel Fair Committee (TTFC), a partnership of Tanzania’s public and private sectors, dedicated to the promotion of destination Tanzania, Authentic Africa.


 Original text by Bobby McKenna, TTFC.