Javed Jafferji is a professional photographer living in Zanzibar. He has lived in Tanzania, Pakistan and the UK, where he studied Photography, TV and Film at Paddington College and Salisbury College of Art & Design. He has been involved with several books about Zanzibar: Zanzibar Guide, Historical Zanzibar – Romance of the Ages, Zanzibar Stone Town-An Architectural Exploration, Images of Zanzibar,  Taste of Zanzibar, Tanzania – African Eden, Zanzibar Style, Zanzibar Style Recipes, Safari Living  and safari Living Recipes. His company has also published other books such as Doors of Zanzibar, Zanzibar- A Plan for Historic Stone Town, Zanzibar Map, Memoirs of Arabian Princess from Zanzibar, calendars, address books, posters and postcards of Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania. He is currently working on a new book entitled ” Swahili Style”, which will be published by 2004.

Javed works as a freelance photographer and his work has been featured in many top international publications such as Newsweek, Sunday Times, Independent, Guardian, and other newspaper and magazines worldwide. This site also utilizes a number of Javed’s photos.

He also held an exhibition at the Commonwealth Institute entitled ‘Zingadi Ke Rang’ (Colours of Life) on Pakistan in London, and Ímages of the Swahili Coast’ at the Goethe Institute in Dar es Salaam and at the Palace Museum in Zanzibar. He also curated an exhibition of historical photographs of Zanzibar in Paris at Le Bon Marche in 1999. Also had various exhibitions in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar in the last couple of years.

He is also a publisher of The Swahili Coast, an international travel magazine promoting coastal eco-tourism in Tanzania, published by his company Zanzibar Gallery Publishers. Beside that he publishes a yearly Travel and Tourism Directory, which is published in association with Tanzania Confederation of Tourism and its members

Besides Photography, he manages ‘Zanzibar Gallery’, a combination of curio shop, book shop, art gallery and boutique, situated in Shangani, in the heart of Zanzibar’s Stone Town.

Contact details:
E-mail javed@swahilicoast.com
Tel + 255 24 2232244; Mobile + 255 747 411128
Fax + 255 24 2236583
170 Gizenga Street, PO Box 3181, Zanzibar Stone Town, Tanzania.