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The Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA) is a non-profit NGO established in 2001 in Zanzibar, where it opened a music school on the top floor of the recently renovated Old Customs House on the seafront of Stone Town. The institution provides music lessons as well as instruments at minimal cost to anyone interested in studying music or acquiring mastery of an instrument. Particular emphasis is on teaching traditional Zanzibar music styles, including taarab, beni and kidumbak, with most of the teachers being from Zanzibar.

Among the aims of the organization are:

To provide an opportunity for the inhabitants of Zanzibar and the dhow region to study music related to their cultural background, with a special emphasis on broadening the educational opportunities for children, youth and women and thus to preserve the rich musical heritage of Zanzibar

To promote professional excellence among musicians through training, seminars, workshops, debates etc.

To give skills and resources to talented young people so that they can make a living from music

To increase the number of jobs already available by marketing and promoting musicians to local venues, regional promoters, international festivals, etc.

To foster communication, networking and peaceful relationships on an international basis with emphasis on the Dhow Countries region (Africa, India, Pakistan, Iran, Gulf States and islands of the Indian Ocean)

Qanun teacher Rajab at DCMA Opening

Contact: Hildegard Kiel, Managing Director, Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA),
PO Box 4055, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Tel:   Fax: +1 309 417 2841