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Busara Promotions was officially registered in Zanzibar in 2003 with a mission “to promote and develop opportunities for local and international music and performing artists within the East African region, work to strengthen the local arts infrastructure and build networks internationally, for the social, cultural and economic growth of Africa and the dhow region”.

Workshop, ‘Marketing Tanzanian Music’

Amongst Busara Promotions’ aims and objectives are:

a) to promote and showcase music and performing arts groups from all over the world, with special emphasis on Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa and the dhow region
b) to build capacities and employment opportunities for local musicians, artists, technicians and cultural workers locally, regionally and internationally
c) to nurture growth for the arts industries of Zanzibar and Tanzania
d) to encourage appreciation by people at all levels of society for the role of culture as a tool for development, education, expression of identity, promoting of unity and cross-cultural dialogue
e) to develop networking initiatives and foster solidarity with other festivals, promoters, cultural organisations and arts institutions in Africa, the dhow region and internationally

SIDI GOMA (African Sufis of Gujarat) East African Tour, June – July, 2003
ZEIN L’ABDIN (Mombasa) – Oud Master Class and Concerts, Zanzibar, Sept 2003
SAUTI ZA BUSARA Swahili Music Festival 2004 – 2011

And many more…

SAUTI ZA BUSARA Swahili Music Festival
Contact: Yusuf Mahmoud, Director, Busara Promotions,
PO Box 3635, Zanzibar, Tanzania  Tel: (+255) 777 428478

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