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Routes in Rhythm Soundsystem

Welcome to a musical safari par excellence – worldwide, your guide is DJ Yusuf (originally from UK) with the largest and most diverse and eclectic music collection this side of the equator. The Routes in Rhythm soundsystem travels and plays at events around Zanzibar throughout the year, most famously at Kendwa Rocks’ monthly full moon parties. The theme is diversity and juxtaposition, and DJ Yusuf is on a musical mission to open hearts and minds to “the greatest music hardly played on radio.” On the playlist are the latest dancefloor fillers from Dar es Salaam, mixed with phat beats from all over Africa, the Caribbean, Arab World and the funkiest fusions from the rest of the world music spectrum. Transcending all the boundaries musicwise, expect the unexpected!

pic: DJ Yusuf by Anita Jeffrey

Sinachuki Kidumbak

Makame Faki’s Sina Chuki Group have been at the forefront in creativity with Zanzibar’s most popular roots based music for the past two years. The kidumbak style is like a stripped down version of taarab, more percussive and dance-based, and set ready to explode on the international market. Don’t miss this rare chance to enjoy one of this burgeoning music style’s finest exponents.

Sosoliso Kidumbak

Another of the leading talented kidumbak groups on Zanzibar is this fine combo, led by Mohamed Othman.

pic: Mohamed Othman by Hildegard Kiel

Swahili Arts Group

Out of Stone Town, in suburb Jang’ombe you find this theatre group composed of young boys and girls struggling to display their talents on the Zanzibar theatre scene. Their main goal is mobilizing youth and giving advice about pertinent issues such as drug abuse and other social problems.

Zanzibar Stars Modern Taarab

This group is the number one modern Taarab group in Zanzibar because of having the most famous artists and popular singers from both Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. The group features artists who are all well-known all over Tanzania like Khadija Kopa, Zuhra Shaaban and Sihaba Juma and others, including Sabah Machano and Jokha Kassim. Zanzibar Stars were established in February 2002 in Zanzibar Town. The aim of the group is to entertain and also to educate people through their songs. Among the most popular are: Sichagui Sibagui Atakaenizika Simjui, Fumbo Mfumbie Mjinga, Tutabanana Hapahapa and Sina Kinyongo na Mtu.

These are the songs which brought massive popularity to Zanzibar Stars and helped them scoop the number one slot for Zanzibar. In 2003, the group continues to entertain, to educate and teach other singers about new directions in taarab music.

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